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Thank you for visiting Apex Endodontics. Our site will help you become familiar with our practice and provide you with useful information about root canals and the specialty of Endodontics (root canal therapy).

We have a state of the art facility, which allows us to fully utilize the latest technology available in endodontic dentistry today. Just as important, you can expect to be treated with respect and our team will do everything they can to ensure your root canal experience is a positive one.

We appreciate this opportunity to introduce ourselves and we look forward to providing you with quality and compassionate dental care.

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Our Procedures

What is a Root Canal?
When you have a cavity in your tooth and the decay reaches the nerve or “pulp,” bacteria enters…
Root Canal Retreatment
If you have had a root canal and discomfort or pain persists, or it later becomes apparent, a retreatment…
An apicoectomy is the surgical removal of a residual abscess and the placement of a root-end…
Perforation Repair
If a tooth or tooth root has a mild crack, microfracture, or perforation, a repair can often…
Tooth and Root Fractures
Tooth and root fractures vary in size, severity and type. Some fractures can be repaired and…
Trauma and Avulsed Teeth
Accidents happen! Teeth can get knocked out or pushed into the gingiva. When this occurs, the…
Calcified or Sclerotic Canals
Calcification of the root canal system occurs naturally as the tooth ages. However, if…
Evaluation for Dental Implants
If a tooth is non-restorable and a root canal can not be performed, losing your tooth isn’t…

AAE Endodontics Statistics:

89% of Patients are Satisfied after Root Canal Treatment by an Endodontist.
Endodontists perform 25 Root Canal Treatments each week; general Dentists Perform fewer than 2.
93% of Dental Educators believe that Endodontists are an Essential part of the Dental Health Care Team
Up to 15% of People in the U.S. avoid seeking Dental Care because of Misconceptions and Fears.

Dr. Christopher A. Palmer, DDS

Dr. Palmer is a University of Missouri-Kansas City graduate through and through. He received his doctor of dental surgery degree, post-graduate AEGD certificate and his Endodontic specialty certificate from UMKC Schoool of Dentistry. Before his Endodontic residency, Dr. Palmer practiced general dentistry in South St. Louis County. In addition to his non-surgical and surgical endodontic skill set and proficiency with a dental operating microscope, he was trained in the surgical placement of implants while in the AEGD and Endodontic programs…read more

Dr. Kim Petkovich Vaglio, DDS

Dr. Kimberly Vaglio, a native of Mountain Home, Arkansas, obtained her undergraduate degree from Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi, and subsequently her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry. Following dental school she joined her father, Dr. Bernard W. Petkovich, in private practice in her hometown…read more
Dr. Kim Petkovich Vaglio, DDS

Dr. Rachel Kehr, DDS

Dr. Rachel Kehr is a native of Greenup, Kentucky. She was inspired to pursue dentistry from a young age through seeing the impact of saving teeth in her rural community. Dr. Kehr obtained her undergraduate degree from Centre College in Danville, Kentucky and then carried her Kentucky roots to the Pacific Northwest where she went on to complete her Doctor of Dental…read more