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range of dental treatments

Our Range of Treatments

We offer the entire range of modern endodontic therapies to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful for your entire life. Get an overview here of the types of treatments we offer.

Our Main Focuses

Endodontic Therapy: Root Canal Therapy

We diagnose and treat pulpal and periradicular pathology.

What is a Root Canal?
When you have a cavity in your tooth and the decay reaches the nerve or “pulp,” bacteria enters…
Root Canal Retreatment
If you have had a root canal and discomfort or pain persists, or it later becomes apparent, a retreatment…
An apicoectomy is the surgical removal of a residual abscess and the placement of a root-end…
Perforation Repair
If a tooth or tooth root has a mild crack, microfracture, or perforation, a repair can often…
Tooth and Root Fractures
Tooth and root fractures vary in size, severity and type. Some fractures can be repaired and…
Trauma and Avulsed Teeth
Accidents happen! Teeth can get knocked out or pushed into the gingiva. When this occurs, the…
Calcified or Sclerotic Canals
Calcification of the root canal system occurs naturally as the tooth ages. However, if…
Evaluation for Dental Implants
If a tooth is non-restorable and a root canal can not be performed, losing your tooth isn’t…
Dr. Kim Petkovich Vaglio, DDS

Dr. Kim Petkovich Vaglio, DDS

Dr. Rachel Kehr, DDS

Dr. Christopher A. Palmer, DDS

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