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root canal retreatment

Root Canal Retreatment

If you have had a root canal and discomfort or pain persists, or it later becomes apparent, a retreatment may be necessary. A retreatment may also be required even if you do not experience pain.

A root canal retreatment is a procedure where the existing root canal filler is removed and the canals are re-shaped and re-cleaned. Additional canals may also be detected and treated accordingly. The tooth root is re-sealed, preventing further infection and abscess formation.

Advanced microscoptic imaging may be necessary to detect lateral canals and sclerosed or calcified root structures. Your endodontist will assess if your tooth will need retreatment and discuss the prognosis of your outcome.

The tooth will be temporized during your healing phase, and a permanent restoration will be needed to finalize the preservation of your tooth.

Dr. Kim Petkovich Vaglio, DDS

Dr. Kim Petkovich Vaglio, DDS

Dr. Rachel Kehr, DDS

Dr. Christopher A. Palmer, DDS

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