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what is a root canal

What is a Root Canal?

When you have a cavity in your tooth and the decay reaches the nerve or “pulp,” bacteria enters the tooth. A root canal (endodontic therapy) is necessary to removed the bacteria and preserve your tooth.

A root canal is a procedure where the inflamed or infected pulp is removed and the canals of the tooth are cleaned and shaped. A fill material is then used to seal the inside of the tooth. If left untreated, an abscess can form and infection can spread to other teeth.

After your root canal is complete, a temporary filling is placed. Your tooth will need a crown or permanent restoration. Upon completion by the general dentist, your tooth becomes functional again.

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Dr. Kim Petkovich Vaglio, DDS

Dr. Kim Petkovich Vaglio, DDS

Dr. Rachel Kehr, DDS

Dr. Christopher A. Palmer, DDS

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